Charity No. 1015788


Jan 2021 Edition

Affiliated to GNAS



Technically speaking, Hampshire Scout Archery Club is two separate clubs; Hampshire Scout Archery Club and Hampshire Scout Junior Archery Club. Normally, both Clubs meet and shoot at the same times, and so to avoid confusion; we simply operate as Hampshire Scout Archery Club.

All Club members over the age of 18 are classed as Seniors, and, unlike the Juniors, membership of GNAS is an additional cost to Club Membership.

Senior members can shoot at other archery clubs by paying a target fee to the club they are visiting. They also have the benefits of GNAS insurance cover in addition to the Scout Association insurance, which is only valid for Scouting activities.


All shooters under the age of 18 years are classed as Juniors, and are actually members of Hampshire Scout Junior Archery Club.

Junior members actually receive more privileges than Senior members, as their Club membership fee includes membership of GNAS.

In addition to giving them additional insurance cover by being members of GNAS, Juniors will also receive regular copies of Archery UK, direct from GNAS four times a year, totally free of charge.

The minimum age for Junior members is eight years and all Junior members’ parents have to sign a “contract” with the Club which agrees to various commitments from both parties.