Charity No. 1015788


Jan 2021 Edition

Affiliated to GNAS


Club Policy

The aim of the Club is to promote the safe practice of the sport of Target Archery among members of the Scout Association. It achieves this by offering archery sessions to various Scout groups, and regular shooting sessions to Club Members on Monday evenings. All monies raised by the Club's sessions go to pay for the purchase/replacement of equipment and rent for the grounds used for shooting.

The Club welcomes and actively encourages beginners and provides a starting point for them by means of a six-week Beginners Course, covering all the basics of the sport of Target Archery, prior to them applying for Club Membership.

The Club’s policy, in line with that of GNAS, is that prospective members (beginners) may attend up to six Club sessions (a Beginners Course) as non-members. After that time, they must apply for membership. At this stage they will be assessed by one of the Club’s Senior Instructors who will assess whether the beginner is safe to shoot under the general supervision of the Field Captain as distinct to the close supervision given on the Beginners Course.

Following completion of a Beginners Course, a new member may continue to use the Club bows and arrows until such time as they purchase their own. They would, however, be expected to purchase their own bracer, tab etc.