Charity No. 1015788


Jan 2021 Edition

Affiliated to GNAS



A good archer:

Always remains still and quiet while others are shooting.

Always remains silent if other archers prefer not to talk.

Always refrains from offering unsolicited advice to other archers.

Always refrains from exclamations on the shooting line, for themselves or others, either in joy or disgust.

Never touches any other archer’s equipment without their permission.

Never walks along the shooting line comparing scores.

Never goes behind the target to retrieve his arrows until all scores on the target have been recorded.

Always pays immediately, in cash, or offers to pay for replacement if they break or damage another archer’s arrow.

Always helps set out and put away the range equipment before their own.

Every member of the Club should make it their responsibility to be aware of the Grand National Archery Society’s “Rules of Shooting”.