Charity No. 1015788


Jan 2021 Edition

Affiliated to GNAS



The Club has a full range of equipment available, suitable for all ages. This includes bows, ranging from glass fibre training bows through to wooden takedown bows, a plentiful supply of arrows in varying lengths, targets of sizes suitable for outdoor use on the range, or indoor use in a Scout HQ and all the various ancillaries such as bracers and tabs.

A good deal of the equipment used by the Club is actually the property of various other people. Some was originally supplied by Southampton Central Scout District, some has been donated to the Club and quite a lot of it is the personal property of the Club’s Instructors.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that none of the equipment is abused or misused in any way. The Club reserves the right to charge for repair/replacement, at current cost, for any equipment which is deemed to have been damaged by such means.

All newcomers to archery are encouraged to use Club equipment throughout their Beginners Course and for a while afterwards, prior to purchasing their own equipment, and to consult with one of the Club’s Senior Instructors before making such a purchase. This course of action could prevent you wasting a great deal of money.


In addition to the equipment used at the range, the Club also has equipment that can be hired by any Scouter in the County who has the necessary qualification and wants to run an archery session with their own Pack, Troop or Group. Go to the contact section of the site for more information.